While we ultimately provide liquidity through transactions, we focus on establishing long-term relationships with participants in the private equity market—investors, fund managers and advisors.

We bring significant experience and a relationship-driven approach to every opportunity we pursue. So what does this mean for you?

It means you'll work directly with senior-level professionals, regardless of the stage of the discussions or the scale of the opportunity. It is our goal to offer first-class service in everything we do—whether evaluating assets, helping prospective sellers make educated decisions about their portfolios, or navigating the complex details of the sale process.

It means you’ll develop a valuable relationship, as we work collaboratively to understand the various objectives you seek to accomplish. For some investors, confidentiality and certainty of execution might be just as important as liquidity. For others, the relief from future unfunded commitments and administrative burdens might be a driving factor. For fund managers, accessing new networks of potential investors might be a key goal. Through active dialogue, we craft solutions that address these various objectives and create value in our transactions beyond price.

It means you’ll benefit from the experience that our team has developed successfully executing nearly 200 secondary transactions over nearly 20 years as secondary specialists. From large financial institutions and corporations to family offices and individual investors, we have tailored creative solutions to address sellers' objectives and have seamlessly executed transfers on hundreds of fund interests.

If you are a private equity investor considering liquidity options, working with our professionals can bring significant perspective on portfolio valuation, transaction structures, execution strategies, and sales process. Importantly, our discussions are always treated as highly confidential.