Our experienced team has successfully executed more than 200 secondary transactions, working with sellers around the world and investing capital across the wide spectrum of the private equity market.

For each transaction opportunity we review, Newbury brings to bear the expert resources and senior-level experience of a large firm, while providing the focus on relationships and service of a small firm. It is this combination of experience, expertise and service that we believe sets Newbury apart in the market as a transaction partner.

Fundamentally, investor interests in private equity vehicles are illiquid, non-standardized, passive equity investments with long and variable holding periods. As a result, unlike trading a standardized security on an exchange, selling a private equity investment involves unique financial, accounting, legal, and tax issues.

At Newbury, we aim to minimize uncertainty for sellers by managing the entire process around a transaction. From agreeing on a fair price to closing the transaction in a timely manner, our hands-on approach to transactions enables Newbury to be efficient and confidential in the market – attributes that we believe create significant value for the sellers and counter-parties with whom we work.